About us


Torus company since 2005 produces hygienic paper products for Away From Home market. Our products under the brand name Lime are well known in Russia, moreover, we are actively devel-oping the production of goods under private labels of major dis-tributors of hygiene products and office supplies. About 45 % of all products we manufacture under the private labels of partners.


Our company has own 3 factories in Russia. Two of them produce ready to use products, and the third is a Paper Making Ma-chine. Our modern converting machines were made in Italy, Turkey, and Taiwan. We have 7 converting lines for folded towels, 6 machines for roll products , and 6 machines for production of napkins (one-color and with printed drawing). More than half of the equipment has the period of actual use up to 3 years.


Our production areas are more than 6000 square meters, and 4500 of that are owned. The staff of the factories is more than 200 people including more than 40 highly qualified engineers. The company annually produces more than 5000 tons of paper prod-ucts, sold not only in the domestic market, but also exported to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia.


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